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Alzheimer's Stages Timeline | Prevention |Treatment | Alzheimer's stages

What is Alzheimer's disease?

Alzheimer's disease is a progressive disorder that damages the brain cells and destroy them.The early signs of the disease may be the forgetting the recent events,memories and activities.As the Alzheimer's disease grows,the patient would not be able to carry out every day tasks.A person with Alzheimer's would not be able to remember the tasks which he already performed.

Alzheimer's Disease | Knowladge Facts

In Alzheimer's,Patient may repeats the same work and lines because of memory loss.
Its main reason is poor nutrition in old ages.However,Alzheimer's disease is not only present
in old age peoples,It is also present in young age peoples.

Due to Alzheimer's disease,certain changes will also occurs in the brain that may leads to nervous  disorders and results in  the death of patient.It is very dangerous and mostly occurs in old ages i.e 65 years

There is no certain or specific treatment  for Alzheimer's disease that may alters the disease in the brain.Although the medicines are available that may help the patient to maximize the brain function and also help to maintain the brain function
Different programs and services are available in all around the globe to support the people suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

Alzheimer's disease is the common cause of  Dementia.It is term which is used for memory loss and  other nervous disorders.Alzheimer's disease accounts for  80% of dementia cases.

What is Dementia?

It is not a specific disorder.It is a term which is used to describe a group of symptoms related 
to Memory loss and other nervous disorders.In simple Words,Dementia is loss of thinking, Functioning and behavioral abilities.These functions include speaking,memory,language
skills and some others.

In Dementia,the ability of the person to perform daily task is reduced.The people suffering from dementia  losses the ability to control their emotions and results in the changes of the personality of the person.

Dementia results when the healthy nerve cells in the brain stop working,lose their connection with other brain cells  and die.As the age of the person increases,their some neurons die that may leads the person to dementia.Dementia mostly occurs in old ages i.e 80 plus.

Vascular Dementia is the second most common cause of dementia.It  mostly occurs  after the stroke.But there are also some other disease like thyroid problems and Vitamin deficiencies that may leads to the symptoms of dementia.

Following are the symptoms of the dementia:
  • People suffering from dementia may face problems with their short-Term Memory.They may forget their family plannings,Paying bills etc.

  • People suffering from dementia may not be able to communicate with other peoples.This is because the language skills of the patient is reduced.So,they cannot communicate.

  • People suffering from dementia  may loses the ability to focus or may  not be able to pay attention.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
  •  People suffering from Dementia may not judge anything because of their memory problems. And they also may live in visual space.                                                                                                      
Many Dementias are progressive,starts slowly and after some time it get worse.If you see someone 
suffering from memory difficulties or other changes in personality,don't ignore them.
Immediately see a doctor to diagnose the problem.

Alzheimer's Stages Timeline

1. Mild Alzheimer's Disease ( Early Stage )

In the mild stage of Alzheimer's, A person would not be able to perform its regular tasks correctly.
He would not be able to remember recent events,places which he visit regularly and forgetting  the familiar words and locations.

Friends,Family and other peoples can see the sudden changes in the personality of the person.
In the mild stage of Alzheimer's disease,peoples may experience:

  • Sudden Memory loss: People face difficulties in  remembering the recent events and activities.This is hard for them to remember newly learned information.They may be repeat same work over and over and repeat same words again and again. 

  • Difficulty in complex tasks: People face difficulties in solving a problem.He or She may not be able to plan family events or managing  the business.

  •  Personality changes: Peoples show sudden changes in their  personality.Peoples show uncharacteristic behaviour or anger. Motivation to complete tasks is also reduced in these peoples.

  •  Difficulty in sound judgments:Finding the right sounds to describe   objects is very difficult task for the person suffering from   Alzheimer's  disease.  

  • Difficulty in Expressing things:Finding the right words to express  things becomes very challenging. 

Friends,Family and other peoples can see these sudden changes in the personality of the person and the disease is easily diagnosed.

2. Moderate Alzheimer's Disease ( Middle Stage )

Moderate Alzheimer's is 2nd or middle stage of dementia.In Moderate Alzheimer's disease,the symptoms are more expressed.The person may have greater difficulty to perform regular tasks 
such as balancing the checkbook but they may be able to remember the basic information like 
his name.

The person suffering from Moderate Alzheimer's disease  confusing words when he talked 
someone.He or She get frustrated  or angry acts in unexpected ways such as refused  to sleep.
In the 2nd stage of Alzheimer's,the disease damages the spinal nerves of the patient and it is 
very hard for them to memorized the daily things and perform tasks correctly.

The symptoms of the Moderate Alzheimer's is very similar to  Mild Alzheimer's but the symptoms 
are more expressive in 2nd stage of Alzheimer's. In Moderate Alzheimer's,people may experience:

  • More Difficulty in Expressing Things: In Moderate Alzheimer's disease,Patients face more difficulty in expressing things.

  • Greater Memory Loss:  In Moderate Alzheimer's disease, People may face greater memory loss.They may forget their personal details  such as Phone numbers,Passwords,Emails and their personal history.They may made stories to fill up their memory loss. 

  • Need Help to Perform Daily Activities:  In Moderate Alzheimer;s disease, Peoples  need  help from others to perform their daily activities.They may face confusion to perform their daily tasks.   

  • Changes in Sleep Patterns:  In Moderate Alzheimer;s disease,the sleeping pattern  of  the peoples may changes.They may sleep during the day and restless in night. 

  • Significant Changes in the Personality and Behaviour:  In Moderate Alzheimer;s disease,there is more sudden changes in the personality of the person.At this situation,the person may not be able to remember his personal history.People may forget their home address or even they attend to school.                                                                                                                    

3. Severe Alzheimer's Disease  ( Last Stage )

In the last of Alzheimer;s disease (also known as severe dementia),the disease continuously affects
the brain and the mental function of brain is completely loss.The patient even may forget their names and disease may effect their physical and mental capabilities.

In the last stage of Alzheimer's disease,people may experience:

  • Extreme Changes in Physical abilities: In the last of Alzheimer's disease,there may extreme changes in the physical abilities of the person.He or She may not be able to walk,sit and sleep. 

  • Loss of communication:  In Severe Alzheimer;s disease,People may loss the ability to communicate with the other people and surroundings.

  • Extreme Memory Loss:  In the last stage of Alzheimer;s disease, People may experience extreme memory loss i.e loss of their name and their extreme important information.

  • Require assistance for daily work: People suffering from severe Alzheimer's disease may require an assistant to perform their daily work. 

  • Vulnerable Infections : People suffering from severe Alzheimer's disease may experience  vulnerable infections like Pneumonia.

 Prevention and Treatment

There is no cure or specific treatment  for Alzheimer's disease that may alters the disease
in the brain.The main aim of the treatment  is to maintain the mental function and behaviour.
Nutrition changes,Exercises and Medications have great positive impact on the disease.

Certain drugs are  also used to improve the brain functions but drugs cannot cure the disease.

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