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HIV and AIDS | HIV/AIDS Symptoms | Treatment | Prevention


HIV(human immunodeficiency virus) is a very dangerous virus that destroys the cells of human immune system  and weakens the ability to fight against diseases and viruses.HIV generally destroys the white blood cells or leukocytes which is the major immunity against diseases.

The major component in leukocytes is T-lymphocytes.The HIV virus damages these cells and In this way,human immune system has been weakened or destroyed.The 3rd and Final stage of HIV is also known as AIDS.

AIDS | KnowladgeFacts

The word AIDS(acquired immunodeficiency syndrome)is used to describe a plenty of Life-Threatening  diseases that happens only when Human Immune System is destroyed.Generally,AIDS can be transferred through sexual contacts with whores and peoples with same gender (Male To Male).It is the host specific virus because in monkeys,it can live without harm them.

AIDS is a Sexually Transmitted Disease.It is different from all other diseases because in AIDS,human immune system is destroyed.So,many diseases appear in same time. That's why AIDS is a syndrome (Disease with same cause but different symptoms).

HIV Virus can transmitted from person to person but AIDS can't.It seems that mostly the person infected from HIV doesn't  develop AIDS in them.Currently,there is no treatment for HIV and AIDS but some effective drugs are present who help the people to live long life.

 History of HIV and AIDS

  • In early 1930,the virus HIV spreads in most regions of the Africa.HIV effected the Africans very badly.
  • But,Scientists were believed that HIV is a certain virus present in Chimpanzees and transmitted to the Africans due to transfer of blood through the hunting of chimpanzees.
  • But in 1980's,AIDS were reported by some physicians in younger males with many complex symptoms like pneumonia,cancer,Tuberculosis,sudden weight loss etc.Soon,it was discovered that all these patients are involved in homosexual activities.
  • Later,AIDS were  found in non-homosexual patient who got blood from infected person of  HIV and AIDS.
  • In 1984,the agent responsible for AIDS was discovered and it was named as HIV.
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 Symptoms of HIV and AIDS

 These are the symptoms of HIV and AIDS.
  • Almost 80% peoples who diagnose with HIV experience flue with illness from 2-4 weeks.
  • A fever with sore throat.
  • Rashes in under arms and in different parts of the body.
  • Pain in different muscles of the body especially in shoulder muscles.
  • Pain in Knee joints. and swollen in the glands.
  • In AIDS,many diseases like cholera,TB,malaria,typhoid appears in same time.
  • HIV and AIDS also effects our Central Nervous System and cause several Nervous Disorders.
  • They can also effect our Reproductive System.
These symptoms usually appears for 1-3 weeks but in some cases,it may a bit longer.This is the sign that your immune system is fighting against viruses.As the symptoms disappears from your body, HIV Virus does not show any symptoms for many years and continues to damaging your immune system.That is why people diagnosis with HIV don't know they are affected.

In HIV, human immune system is damaging by viruses but in AIDS or 3rd stage of HIV,the human system system is completely destroyed.And there is 99% chances of patient death.

If you found these symptoms your body,it doesn't mean you are infected from HIV because these are commonly caused conditions.But if you found several symptoms in your body for 2-3 weeks,then you should must test your blood. 

Causes of HIV and AIDS

HIV virus is present in body fluids of person infected by HIV.This HIV virus does not travel outside the body because it is a fragile or damaged virus.

 Following are the causes of HIV and AIDS
  • Sex with whores
  • Use of infected syringes.
  • Use of common razors.
  • Vaginal or Oral sex without condom.
  • Sex with Gays

Transmission of HIV and AIDS

HIV virus can be transmitted 
  • Through Urine of an infected person.
  • Through Saliva of an infected person.
  • Through sweat of an infected person.
  • Through oral and vaginal sex without condoms.
  • Through the body fluids of an infected person.
  • Through Homosexuality.
  • Through sex with an African Black Guy.

Diagnosis of HIV and AIDS

The way you can diagnose HIV infection is to take an HIV test.This includes in 
  • Testing your blood.
  • Testing your Saliva.
  • Testing your Urine.
You should must be aware that:    
  • If HIV diagnose within 24 or 72 hours,it should be  treatable.If you suffering from HIV for 1 or 2 days,you should immediately take the treatment because within 24 hours,it does not damages your immune system.
  • As soon as you diagnose HIV,you can start treatment through which you can increase the chances of controlling the virus and the risk of damaging your immune system and transfer of virus from one to other reduces.
  • If your first test suggest  you suffering from HIV infection,then you should must take another test to confirm the test result.
  • If your test reports results in HIV infection,then you should referred to HIV specialist for some other tests and treatment of your HIV infection.
  • Both positive and negative reports of your blood test should be repeated for 1-3 months.
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       HIV Test

Treatment for HIV and AIDS

  • Antiretroviral medicines like tenofovir,efavirenz are used to treat HIV.These medicines stop the virus to damaging the immune system and allow immune system to repair itself.These medicines come in the form of tablets.
  • HIV have double standard structure.When a particular medicine enters in the body,there is a change in the structure of HIV takes place in order to prevent the drugs action.
  • That's why there is no certain medicine available against HIV and AIDS.
  • Therefore,the HIV could not be cured by taking single type of drug but taking the multiple  combination of drugs effect the HIV.
  • If the level of HIV in your blood is low,then HIV may be curable but if the level of HIV in your blood is high,then your life is in danger.
  • Without treatment,the HIV continues to destroy your immune system and you may cause certain diseases like cancer,TB and your life is at risk.
  • If a pregnant mother have HIV ,then there is a chance for HIV to transmit into the child.It can be controlled by timely and effectively HIV treatment.

Living with HIV Infection

If you are living with HIV,then you should must take an HIV effective treatment through which you can control you HIV infection.If you are suffering from HIV,then we suggest you to
  • Get up early in the morning and take proper running and exercise.
  • Must take a proper healthy diet(not overeat).
  • Not smoke.
  • Take Flue vaccine.
  • And You must not lose the hope of recovery and you should must fight in order to defeat the disease.

 Prevention From HIV and AIDS

Anyone who do vaginal sex without condoms are in trouble of HIV infection.Following are the ways which are used to prevent from HIV and AIDS.
  • Make sex with own's sex partner.
  • Prevent from vaginal sex.
  • If you do vaginal sex,then you should must take condom.
  • Avoid from the use of common syringes.
  • Avoid to use of common razors.
  • Avoid to sex with Africans black guy.
  • Avoid to sex with multiple sex partners especially whores.
  • Must avoid to sex with gays.
You should take six months effective HIV treatment through which you  can control HIV virus.
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