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Some Viral Diseases

There are many disease which are present in Pakistan but only those are mentioned here which have been or are common in Pakistan. 

1. Small Pox

Smallpox,which is caused by pox virus an ancient disease that is Known to have occurred as epidemic in China as early as the twelfth century B.C. Until the 12th century,Smallpox was a common disease throughout the world.
In Small pox,Fluid-filled vesicles are formed on the skin which become pustules later on and form pitted scars,the pocks.this disease was controlled in 1980 but some countries still suffered from this disease. 


2. Herpes Simplex

Herpes Virus is responsible for this disease.It is naturally occurring disease of mankind.
Mostly,This disease occurs in the mouth,on the lips, and at other skin sites.

3. Influenza

It is RNA enveloped virus.Influenza is wide spred disease in man  and occurs in epidemic form.
Its symptoms are
                             Running Nose, Headach fever etc

4. Mumps and Measles

These Viruses are belong to group of Paramyxoviruses. These viruses are highly contagious,wide spread,but seldom fatal.about 60 percent of adult are immune to it.Measles is the one of most commonest disease of the childhood and adult human population is equally susceptible the world over.These diseases develops immunity in its victim.

5. Polio

Poliomyelitis caused by polio virus.It is found all over the world. It occurs mostly in childhood.
The polioviruses are the smaller known viruses and contain RNA in spherical capsid.
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