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Some Parasitic Diseases | Knowledge Facts

Aschelminthes is important from the point of view of its parasites  of which it has greatly variety causing some very serious diseases in man.

Parasitic disorders

Disease Caused by Pin Worm

Enterobius Vermicularis commonly known as pin worm is cosmopolitan  but more common in Europe and America.Pin worms are the parasites of human caecum,colon and appendix.Their movement causes itching of anus,inflammation of mucus membrane of colon and appendix resulting in insomnia and loss of appetite.

 Disease Caused by Hook Worm

Ancylostoma dudenale is commonly known as hook worm.It is a parasite of human small intestine in Asia , North America and Europe.It is very dangerous because it holds the villi of intestine and  sucks  blood and body fluid.During feeding they produce  an anticoagulant to prevent clotting of blood and after feeding leave the wound bleeding.In children it can cause severe anemia and retard physical and mental growth.
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